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Authenticity & Action


Authenticity & Action

What do we mean to operate at the intersection of authenticity & action?

The dictionary will tell you authenticity literally means being true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.

For us, being authentic means being okay with making mistakes because for real…..nobody is perfect.

Living in a world of filters, autotune, and movie magic it's a breath of fresh air when someone shows up raw and unfiltered. 

The human element resonates and pulls us closer.

Feeling the vulnerability of a speaker who brings emotion into their words is highly attractive.

Trying to get someone interested in your story without being authenticis like trying to push water upstream with a fork!

Next comes action.

Even if you're authentic, nobody will hear your story until you hit record.

For many, pressing play becomes an obstacle plagued by procrastination & distraction. 

Action is vital in the world of video marketing.

But the truth is, you don't need to have a Hollywood-style studio, a professionally curated script, or even a full-service hair and makeup team just to press play.

Most times, you just need to show up and do the best with what you have.

When you do this, the rest comes as a byproduct of your continued dedication to the craft.

Taking the leap, filming the shot, and going for it is all a part of taking action.

Combine an authentic set of characters to a real-time moment of action and you get magic!

As professionals, it is our job to capture that magic then diligently edit/align it to your specific brand and story. 

This is our New Norml for business marketing.

Take a look at the top influencers who consistently put out engaging content.

Behind the scenes, they are rarely without a camera or microphone recording. 

This is because, at any moment, something about their story, life, or business could come up that relates and is relevant to their customers.

Learn from them and don't miss these opportunities!

On average the return for an authentic high-quality piece of video is 30X!

No other channel or method produces this high of a return. If you're interested in learning how you can pull more people to your business through authenticity and action, then reach out, and let's talk shop

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