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Why you or your company should get on the video train. Like now.


You have been hearing it for years now. “Content is king!” and “Video is the future.” Here is the thing. It’s all too true, and here are the number supporting those claims in this survey done by Wyzowl


With the craziness and new way of human life in America, things are changing for you and your business, and the above mentioned has never held more impact in your growth. It all starts with the medium that your current and potential clients are consuming. 1,000 years ago it was books, paper mail, and live and in person methods of learning, enjoying, and socializing. With certain inventions, we started to see a shift in what people were consuming. It was mainly the television that changed it all - being able to have someone in your home, talking to you and your family, playing music, teaching, etc. was the new way of quick, easy, and convenient consumerism.

Not to downplay the importance of the former (books, in-person socializing, etc.) is not important to sew into your life, but this trend was the new wave that led to my topic - WHY YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD GET ON THE VIDEO TRAIN. LIKE NOW.

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Let’s Look at the evolution of Instagram.

Instagram has been one of the most popular social platforms over the last decade, and it started as a filter app for your pictures. Once they evolved into a social platform like that of facebook, and added video capabilities for their users, their stock rose like my eyebrows after listening to WAP (don’t click the link if you are under the age of 18). After implementing stories, the amount of users who adopted them within a year rose to 500M. Instagram did a little research, and saw that video is on the rise, and they had better get on the train if they wanted to see growth.

If you are not convinced that people like video over other mediums yet, take a look at YouTube. Or TikTok. Or just pick up your phone and send a video message through text to 10 potential clients. I guarantee you will get a much higher response rate than an email or text. Get on LinkedIn and send a video message to 10 more clients - I guarantee that you will see more engagement than if you simply reached out with a message.

Video is the “New Norml” and we must adapt if we want to grow, just like anything else in life. It may seem daunting having to research and purchase and learn all the gear and software, but that’s where I come in. I would love to sit down with you and go over the different tried and true methods to boost your or your business’ sales just as I have done with so many other businesses. The time is now!

Call or email me and we will set up a time to meet to get you closer to reaching more customers in an engaging way with video marketing.

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