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New Norml Media Recognized as One of the Most Reviewed B2B Providers in San Diego

New Norml Media is a proud deliverer of extraordinary business solutions that empower SMEs. Founded in 2018, we’ve been helping organizations revolutionize their marketing through impactful video production and content marketing. Today, we’re excited to share with you that we’ve been recognized as one of the top companies on The Manifest. According to the company listing platform, we’re one of the most reviewed content marketing agencies in San Diego!

We’re truly delighted to be on this list. To celebrate, let’s look back on the beginning of our journey leading to this moment:

In 2018
New Norml Media was founded by two brilliant minds in the creative space — Luke Kostka and Dylan Denso. Their mission was and remains to be to arm small businesses with the competitive advantage in marketing their products and services. On top of everything, our passion for building relationships with clients is the driving force in delivering top-notch solutions.

In 2020
VisionWise Capital, a real estate investment agency, engaged with us for video production and content marketing services. The main objective of the project was to spread awareness to their target audience effectively. 

During our engagement, we put our focus on building and diversifying the client’s content distribution channels. This helped improve the reach of the promotional videos and blogs that we crafted for them.
Within weeks, the client saw extremely positive results, and we’re glad to have been substantial to their growth.

In 2022
The Manifest announces the most reviewed companies in 2022, naming us as a leader in the content marketing space in San Diego. Thank you to all our clients for helping us to get to where we are today!
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