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I have never broken a bone in my life.

Until late July happened and I was skateboarding to grab dinner. I have rolled each ankle 5-6 times, but always rotating toward the inside. Never the outside.

As a result of my sprained anky and broken fibby, I have been rendered useless on the couch with a 1 year old and a life to live (at least that's how I felt).

I learned some things about myself in the process. Mostly that I am pretty impatient, but moreover, that I have a family who loves me more than I feel i deserve. Chels has been so solid through this whole fiasco - taking care of 2.5 babies (me, Kaiya, and the bun in the oven).

I also learned that I can never stop creating. I spent some time reading, writing, and watching TV, which was pretty nice, but I was super depressed, and I now know why - I wasn't creating. I wasn't cooking. I wasn't writing or playing music. I wasn't filming passion projects. I wasn't designing. I wasn't drawing.

I realized that the second I stop creating, I stop living.

Maybe I am just a creative and this doesn't apply to some, but I know that I was born to create things, and now that my body is not-as-broken as it was, I'm going to GO CREATE.

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